Welcome to my Amateur Astronomical Observatory Web Page (Columba Observatory)

My name is Ioannis (John) A. Bouhras and I’m a keen amateur astronomer now living in Athens Greece.

I have always been fascinated by Astronomy. Growing up in the Country, in a village located in central Greece, I remember when I was a little boy with my russian made humble binoculars looking up at the night sky, it seemed like there were millions of stars above. It was then, when all started! The spark and love for sciense and Astronomy. In 2001 I had to move to Athens, where my Observatory is now located, fighting every night with light pollution.

My Observatory named after the Columba Constellation (The Dove), which translated in Greek (“Περιστέρι” “Peristeri”). The name of the city area that I live.

Peristeri is located about 4 km (2 mi) northwest of the centre of Athens. It lies between the Egaleo Mountain in the northwest and the Cephissus river in the southeast.

Here you’ll find some personal information and also information related to astronomy and my amateur observatory.